Many people who are new to storage units choose the wrong size unit. They either choose the smallest unit, which leaves them with less space or rent a larger one that is more expensive and wastes money. List the essential items you want to store and call your local storage facility to estimate the unit size. They’ll help you choose the right size storage unit for you. Remember that even if everything is done according to the book, some items will still likely get damaged. However, there are very few chances for this to happen. Woodinville self-storage is available. Make sure you take every precaution.

This will prevent you from falling for many safety hazards associated with storage. Storage has become a big industry with so many facilities competing for tenants. Depending on your perspective, this can be a good ora bag. We aren’t here to discuss that. The best way to decide with so many storage in Des Moines options is to choose the facility that offers the most protection. A fence or gate protects the perimeter. The second layer is video surveillance. Bonus points are awarded to facilities that have an on-site guard. Then there are electronic keys and codes and unique padlocks. There are many ways to keep your items safe.

You may not be able to store certain items in storage units. Many people don’t know this and end up making the essential mistake of their lives – storing prohibited goods. We’ll give you an example of prohibited items you shouldn’t keep in any storage facility. Every item can catch fire for many reasons. You can’t store gasoline or other highly combustible materials. Imagine what would happen if this material caught fire. PortaBox Storage is always happy to answer any questions about renting one of our units.

Many people don’t know this, but storing slightly damp items could cause serious problems. Wet things attract insects and mold and are notorious for creating mildew and mold. You will soon find yourself in a situation that no storage renter wants to see: you’ll be infested by pests. Be safe, and make sure that all your belongings are dry. This applies whether you’re renting a long-term or short-term storage unit. It doesn’t take much to see the damage.

We often see people renting large storage units because they have many cardboard boxes full of items. A team with stacked boxes is the most common image in this situation. Do not stack boxes if you have the desire. Keep this safety tip in your self-storage: Store lighter parcels at the top and heavier packages at the bottom. Don’t stack too many boxes. Although there is no set number of containers you can stack, we recommend limiting your stack to four.

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