Keep your hand in constant contact with your partner. This will help him feel comfortable and prevent any surprises. You want your client to relax and not worry about what you will do next. Avoid massaging areas that have blisters, wounds, or rashes. It’s essential to avoid spreading or aggravating an infection.

Warming up your partner is crucial to ensure he gets the most out of his massage. The warm-up for your massage should start with smooth rhythmic strokes called effleurage. This is a French word that means “to touch lightly.” It’s a technique used extensively in Swedish massage. Different types of effleurage movements can be used throughout the session. Other parts of your hand must apply magic vibes massage studio Cyprus other pressures for the various strokes (for instance, fingertips or palms).

Apply gentle pressure to the fingertips. Slowly trace circular patterns along the spine. You will find the biggest group of back muscles here and the most knots. Make a mental note if you notice a knot on your partner’s spine so you can return to it. From the muscles surrounding the spine, move up the shoulders and between the shoulder blades to the back. Apply more pressure to your hand. Slowly stroke up the neck and back again, starting at the lower spine. Repeat the pattern between 5 and 10 minutes.

Use only your heel to massage. The pressure will naturally increase because you’re massaging a smaller area. Slowly move both hands outwards from the upper back, up, back, and toward the middle. Work your way upwards until you reach your partner’s upper back. The entire process should only take 5 minutes.

Next, try this massage technique. Start a deep massage on one side with your fingers. Spread out your fingers and place one hand on top of another to apply double the pressure. Push down hard, starting at your lower back and moving toward your partner’s side. Then, lightly glide your fingertips backward and repeat the process a little higher. This way, work your fingers up your partner’s upper back for several minutes. Then switch sides.

You will, of course, not give a deep tissue massage because you’re not licensed. This is when you will use the most substantial pressure in your session and achieve the most remarkable healing. Spread your fingers out and place your hands on either side of the spine. Apply deep pressure using only your thumbs in circles concentric to his spine. The thumbs are the most powerful muscles of your hand, so they’re perfect for applying intense, deep pressure.

You can now tackle the knots that you saw earlier. Start with gentle pressure and rub the tissue around. Then, increase pressure. Regularly check in on your partner to ensure he’s not in pain. This is all for your partner’s benefit.

For a soothing cool-down, finish with this massage tip: Reduce the pressure you apply to your thumbs and use your entire hand. Knead your partner’s muscles all over their back by mimicking a wave crashing against the beach and pulling out of the sea. Then, after a few more minutes, reverse the technique you used to warm up. Work from Step 4 to Step 1 and finish with a light fingertip massage.

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