You put on your perfume in the morning and are proud of your choice. You’re ready to make your presence felt wherever you go. But then it disappears within hours? It’s not only frustrating, but it is also a waste of cash! One of my goals was a product to make fragrances last throughout the day. Which to choose if you want your fragrance to last for at least eight hours. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite tips to ensure that whatever fragrance you use won’t fade too quickly marabika.

You didn’t just get out of the shower, did you? No problem! Add a base to your skin if it’s not wet or you’re using a concentrated oil. You can use Vaseline, coconut oils, or an unscented heavy lotion. Then, apply your fragrance. The fragrance will cling better to the base. Rub gently but not too hard as this can alter the fragrance. The fragrance will slowly diffuse throughout the day due to the warmth that pulse points emit. What are your pulse points? Wrists, inside elbows, neck, behind knees, etc.

It’s one of my favorite tricks. As fragrances stick to hair fibers for longer than they do on the skin, you can leave behind a scent trail as you walk. Rub a small amount of the roll-on oil onto your hair ends if you are using it. You have to be careful when using sprays because the alcohol can cause your hair to dry. Use this tip from Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential and spray your fragrance onto your brush before brushing. Her favorite Anuket fragrances are papyrus oil or Egyptian musk.

Visit her blog to see how she uses papyrus oils. Pure roll-on oils, like perfumes and Eau de toilettes, last longer than sprays. Sprays contain alcohol and other additives. Anuket’s 100% oil fragrances contain concentrated essential oils, the ingredient that helps a fragrance last longer. Find out more about the different types of fragrances like oils, perfumes, and colognes here!

It’s important to remember that even if YOU are unable to smell your fragrance after some time, the scent still exists. We get used to the smell of our bodies! Ask a loved one or friend to smell your hair or wrist to check if your scent is still there. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that others are still enjoying the scent you have chosen.

Unilever funded a new study by Monell that was published in Journal Plus One. The research showed that women were considered more attractive in the presence of an alluring fragrance. Rachel Herz conducted a study in 2003 on the psychology of scent. She concluded that the factors that influence the use of perfumes in North America are often the same as those that influence fashion choices.

The results also showed that young women are heavily influenced by celebrities and their peers when choosing a fragrance, while women of middle age rely more on their judgment. Women over 60 rely heavily on their closest friends and family members to make scent choices. The same groundbreaking study also revealed other factors that influence perfume selection. The study found that the selection of a specific scent depends on the mood of the consumer at that moment, or whether that mindset changes at the time of the purchase.


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